Sura 42
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The Consultation (Ash-Shűra)

In the name of Allah, Gracious, Merciful.

1H. M.

2A. S. Q.

3Thus does He send inspiration to you as He did to those before you, Allah, exalted in power, full of wisdom.

4To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: and He is most high, most great.

5The heavens are almost rent asunder from above them: and the angels celebrate the praises of their Lord and pray for forgiveness for beings on earth: Behold! Verily, Allah is He, the always forgiving, most merciful.1

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

1Ha mim

2Ain Sin Qaf

3Kazalika yuhi ilaika wa ilal lazina min qablikal lahul azizul hakim

4Lahu ma fi samawati wa ma filardi wa huwal ali yul azim

5Takadu samawati yatafat tarnamin faiqihin na wal malaikatu yusab bihuna bihamdi rabbihim wa yastagfiruna liman filardi ala innal laha huwal gafuru rahim

1. Angels are not intercessors, they are heavenly messengers and ministers of God on behalf of the righteous. As messengers they bring messages from God Almighty to mankind. Gideon received a heavenly messenger before he became the savior of the Jews against the Medianites (Judges 6:11-12):

Now the angel of the LORD came and sat under the terebinth at Ophrah, which belonged to Joash the Abiezrite, while his son Gideon was beating out wheat in the winepress to hide it from the Midianites. And the angel of the LORD appeared to him and said to him, "The LORD is with you, O mighty man of valor."

Both Joseph and Mary received a heavenly Messenger before and after the birth of Jesus (Luke 1: 28-35):

The angel came to her and said, "Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you!"

She was startled by his statement and tried to figure out what his greeting meant. Then the angel told her, "Stop being afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. Listen! You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you are to name him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God will give him the throne of his forefather David. He will rule over the house of Jacob forever, and his kingdom will never end." Mary asked the angel, "How can this be, since I have not had relations with a man?" The angel answered her, "The Holy Spirit will come over you, and the power of the Most High will cover you. Therefore, the child will be holy and will be called the Son of God.

Also in Matthew 2:13-15:

After they had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, "Get up, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, because Herod intends to search for the child and kill him." So Joseph got up and took the child and his mother and left at night for Egypt. He stayed there until Herod's death in order to fulfill what was declared by the Lord through the prophet when he said, "Out of Egypt I called my Son."

So you see, Angels are messengers not intercessors. To say that angels pray for all earthly beings is to suggest for them a position not hitherto assigned by God.

6And those who take as protectors others besides Him, Allah does watch over them; and you are not the disposer of their affairs.

7And thus have We sent by inspiration to you an Arabic Qur’an: that you may warn the mother of cities and all around her and warn them of the day of assembly of which there is no doubt: some will be in the garden and some in the blazing fire.2

8If Allah had so willed He could have made them a single people; but He admits whom He will to His mercy; and the wrongdoers will have no protector nor helper.

6Wal lazina takazu min dunihi auliya allahu hafizun alaihim wa ma anta alaihim biwakil

7Wa kazalika auhaina ilaika quranan arabi yal lituzira ummal qura wa man haulaha wa tunzira yaumal jami la raiba fih fariqun fil jannati wa fariqun fi sair

8Wa lau sa allahu lajaalahum umata wahidata wa laki yudkhilu ma yasyau fi rahmatih wa zalimuna ma lahum mi waliyi wa la nasir


2. Please refer to verse 7 and notes on Qur’an 41:44.

[Commentary continues below.]

9What! Have they taken protectors besides Him? But it is Allah, He is the protector and it is He who gives life to the dead: it is He who has power over all things.

10And whatever it be wherein you differ, the decision thereof is with Allah: Such is Allah my Lord: in Him I trust and to Him I turn.

11The creator of the heavens and the earth: He has made for you pairs from among yourselves and pairs among cattle: by this means does He multiply you: there is nothing whatever like unto Him and He is the one that hears and sees all things.

12To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth: He enlarges and restricts the sustenance to whom He will: for He knows full well all things.

9Ami takazu min dunihi auliya fallahu huwal wali yu wa huwa yuhyil mauta wa huwa ala kulli saiin qadir

10Wa ma talaftum fihi min saiin fahukmuhu ilal lah zalikumul lahu rabbi alaihi tawak kaltu wa ilaihi unib

11Fatiru samawati walardi jaala lakum min anfusikum azwajaw wa minal anami aswaja yazra ukum fih laisa kamitlihi sai uwa huwas samiul basir

12Lahu maqalidu samawati walardi yabsutu rizqa lima yasyau wa yaqdir innahu bikulli saiin alim


[Commentary continues below.]

13The same religion has He established for you as that which He enjoined on Noah, which We have sent by inspiration to you and that which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses and Jesus: Namely that you should remain steadfast in religion and make no divisions therein: to those who worship other things than Allah, hard is the way to which you call them. Allah chooses to Himself those whom He pleases and guides to Himself those who turn to Him.

14And they became divided only after knowledge reached them through selfish envy as between themselves. Had it not been for a word that went forth before from your Lord tending to a term appointed, the matter would have been settled between them: but truly those who have inherited the book after them are in suspicious disquieting doubt concerning it.

13Saraa lakum mina dini ma wasa bihi Nuhaw wa lazi auhaina ilaika wa ma wa saina bihi Ibrahima wa Musa wa Isa an aqimud dina wa la tatafar raqu fih kabura alal musrikina ma taduhum ilaih allahu yajtabi ilaihi ma yasyau wa yahdi ilaihi ma yunib

14Wa ma tafa raqu illa min badi ma ja ahumul ilmu bagyan bainahum wa lau la kalimatun sabaqat mir rabbika ila ajalim musam ma faqudiya bainahum wa innal lazina uritsul kitaba min badihim lati sakim imnu murib


[Commentary continues below.]

15Now then for that reason call them to the faith, and stand steadfast as you are commanded nor follow their vain desires; but say: “I believe in the book which Allah has sent down; and I am commanded to judge justly between you. Allah is Our Lord and your Lord. For us is the responsibility for our deeds and for you for your deeds. There is no contention between us and you. Allah will bring us together and to Him is our final goal.3

16But those who dispute concerning Allah after He has been accepted, futile is their dispute in the sight of their Lord: on them is wrath and for them will be a penalty terrible.

17It is Allah who has sent down the book in truth and the balance. And what will make you realize that perhaps the hour is close at hand?

15Fa lizalika fadu wastaqim kama umirta wa la tatabi ahwa ahum wa qul amantu bima anzalal lahu min kitab wa umirtu li adila bainakum allahu rabbuna wa rabbukum lana amaluna wa lakum amalukum la hujjata bainana wa bainakum allahu yajmau bainana wa ilaihil masir

16Wa lazina yuhaj juna fillahi mim badi mastujiba lahu hujjatuhum dahidatun inda rabbihim wa alaihim gadabu wa lahum azabun sadid

17Allahu lazi anzalal kitaba bil haqqi wal mizan wa ma yudrika laalas saata qarib


3. The Muslim claim is that the Qur’an in its entirety is the words of Allah and that there is none of Muhammad or anybody’s words in it. If this is to be believed, we have to deal with this verse right here. Here is a recurring phrase which casts shadow on the integrity of the Allah and the Qur’an. Who is Allah and who is our Lord. Why would Allah address anybody else as Lord and creates an equality between Allah and mankind because both worships the same deity.

18Only those wish to hasten it who believe not in it: those who believe hold it in awe and know that it is the truth. Behold, verily, those that dispute concerning the hour are far astray.

19Gracious is Allah to His servants: He gives sustenance to whom He pleases: and He has power and can carry out His will.

20To any that desires the tilth of the hereafter, We give increase in his tilth; and to any that desires the tilth of this world, We grant somewhat thereof but he has no share or lot in the hereafter.

18Yastajilu biha lazina la yuminuna biha wa lazina amanu musfiquna minha wa yalamuna an nahal haq ala inna lazina yumaruna fi saati lafi salalin baid

19Allahu latifun biibadihi yarzuqu ma yasya wa huwal qawiyul aziz

20Man kana yuridu hartsal akhirati nazid lahu fi hartsihi wa man kana yuridu harsad dunya nutihi minha wa ma lahu filakhirati min nasib

[Commentary continues below.]

21What! have they partners in godhead who have established for them some religion without the permission of Allah? Had it not been for the decree of judgment the matter would have been decided between them at once: but verily, the wrongdoers will have a grievous penalty.

22You will see the wrongdoers in fear on account of what they have earned and the burden of that must necessarily fall on them. But those who believe and work righteous deeds will be in the luxuriant meads of the gardens: they shall have before their Lord all that they wish for: that will indeed be the magnificent bounty of Allah.

23That is the bounty whereof Allah gives glad tidings to His servants who believe and do righteous deeds. Say: “No reward do I ask of you for this, except the love of those near of kin.” And if anyone earns any good We shall give Him an increase of good in respect thereof: for Allah is always forgiving, most ready to appreciate service.

21Am lahum suraka u sarau lahum minad dini ma lam yazan bihillahu wa lau la kalimatul fasli la qudiya bainahum wa inna zalimina lahum azabun alim

22Tara zalimina musfiqina mim ma kasabu wa huwa waqiun bihim wa lazina amanu wa amilu salihati fi raudatil jannat lahum ma yasya una inda rabbihim zalika huwal fadul kabir

23Zalikal lazi yuba sirul lahu ibadahul lazina amanu wa amilu salihat qulla as alukum alihi ajran illal mawad data fil qurba wa ma yaqtarif hasanata nazid lahu fiha hus na innal laha gafurun sakur


[Commentary continues below.]

24What! do they say “He has forged a falsehood against Allah”? But if Allah willed He could seal up your heart. And Allah blots out vanity and proves the truth by His words. For He knows well the secrets of all hearts.

25He is the one that accepts repentance from His servants and forgives sins: and He knows all that you do.

26And He listens to those who believe and do deeds of righteousness and gives them increase of His bounty: but for the unbelievers there is a terrible penalty.

24Am yaqulunaf tara alallahi kazina fa iyasya illahu yaktim ala qalbik wa yamhul lahul batila wa yuhiq qul haqqa bikalimatih innahu alimun bizati sudur

25Wa huwa lazi yaqbalut taubata an ibadihi wa yafu ani sayyi ati wa yalamu ma tafalun

26Wa yastajibul lazina amanu wa amilu salihati wa yaziduhum min fadlih wal kafiruna lahum azabun sadid


[Commentary continues below.]

27And if Allah were to enlarge the provision for His servants, they would indeed transgress beyond all bounds through the earth; but He sends it down in due measure as He pleases: for He is with His servants well acquainted, watchful.

28He is the One that sends down rain after men have given up all hope and scatters His mercy. And He is the protector, worthy of all praise.

29And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the living creatures that He has scattered through them: and He has power to gather them together when He wills.

30Whatever misfortune happens to you is because of the things your hands have wrought and for many of them He grants forgiveness.4

31Nor can you frustrate aught fleeing through the earth; nor have you besides Allah anyone to protect or to help.

32And among His signs are the ships smooth running through the ocean tall as mountains.

27Walau basatal lahur razqa liibadihi labagau filardi wa laki yunaz zilu biqadarim ma yasya innahu bi ibadihi kabirun basir

28Wa huwal lazi yunaz zilul gaitsa mim badi ma_ qanathu_ wa yansyuru rahmatah wa huwal waliy yul hamid

29Wa min ayatihi halqu samawati walardi wa ma bat safihima min dabah wa huwa ala jamihim iza yasya uqadir

30Wa ma ashabakum mim musibatin fa bima kasabat aidikum wa yafu an kasi

31Wa ma antum bimujizina filardi wa ma lakum min dunil lahi mi waliyi wa la nasir

32Wamin ayatihil jawari fil bahri kal alam

4. This is a most unfair revelation by an ignorant god, Job was a righteous man whom Satan sought permission from God almighty to destroy. Jesus was violently killed by the Jews in collaboration with the Romans for no misdeeds of his own. God Almighty knows these and other such things and would not make a sweeping statement. Things considered misfortunes by human standards happen to all mankind for a divine purpose. Human mind cannot always explore and understand the things of God Almighty. Faith comes in at the times when we find it difficult to understand the mind of God Almighty.

[Commentary continues below.]

33If it be His will He can still the wind: then would they become motionless on the back of the ocean. Verily, in this are signs for everyone who patiently perseveres and is grateful.

34Or He can cause them to perish because of the evil which the men have earned: but much does He forgive.

35But let those know who dispute about Our signs that there is for them no way of escape.

36Whatever you are given here is but a convenience of this life: but that which is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord;

37Those who avoid the greater crimes and shameful deeds and when they are angry even then forgive;

33Iyasya yuskini riha fayazalna rawakida ala zahrir inna fi zalika la ayatil likul li sabbarin sakur

34Au yubigun na bima kasabu wa yafu an kasir

35Wa yalamal lazina yujadiluna fi ayatina ma lahum mim mahis

36Fama utitum min saiin famataul hayatid dunya wa ma indal lahi khairuw wa abqa lil lazina amanu wa ala rabbihim yatawak kalun

37Wa lazina yajtanibuna kaba iral ismi wal fawahisya wa iza ma gadibuhum yagfirun


[Commentary continues below.]

38Those who hearken to their Lord and establish regular prayer; who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for sustenance;

39And those who when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them help and defend themselves.

40And the recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto in degree: but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, His reward is due from Allah: for Allah loves not those who do wrong.

41And indeed if any do help and defend themselves after a wrong done to them, against such there is no cause of blame.

42The blame is only against those who oppress men with wrong doing and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land defying right and justice: for such there will be a penalty grievous.

38Wal lazinas tajabu lirabbihim wa aqamu salah wa amruhum sura bainahum wa mim ma razaqnahum yunfiqun

39Wa lazina iza ashabahumul bagyu hum yantasirun

40Wa jazau sayi atin sayi atum mitsluha faman afa wa aslaha fa ajruhu alallah innahu la yuhib buz zalimin

41Wa lamanin tasara bada zulmihi fa ulaika ma alaihim min sabil

42Innama sabilu alal lazina yazlimunan nasa wa yabguna filardi bigairil haq ulaika lahum azabun alim

[Commentary continues below.]

43But indeed if any show patience and forgive, that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs.

44For any whom Allah leaves astray there is no protector thereafter and you will see the wrongdoers when in sight of the penalty, Say: “Is there any way to effect a return?

45And you will see them brought forward to the penalty in a humble frame of mind because of disgrace, looking with a stealthy glance. And the believers will say: “Those are indeed in loss who have given the perdition their own selves and those belonging to them on the day of judgment. Behold! truly the wrongdoers are in a lasting penalty!”

43Wa laman sabara wa gafara inna zalika lamin azmil umur

44Wa ma yudlilil lahu fama lahu mi waliyim min badih wa tara zalimina lam ma ra awul azaba yaquluna hal ila marad dim min sabil

45Wa tarahum yuraduna alaiha ha_siina mina zulli yanzuruna min tarfin hafiy wa qalal lazina amanu innal kasirinal lazina kasiru anfusahum wa ahlihim yaumal qiyamah ala inna zalimina fi azabim muqim


[Commentary continues below.]

46And no protectors have they to help them other than Allah: and for any whom Allah leaves to stray there is no way to the goal.5

47Hearken to your Lord before there come a day which there will be no putting back because of the ordainment of Allah! That day there will be for you no place of refuge nor will there be for you any room for denial!

48If then they turn away We have not sent you as a guard over them. Your duty is but to convey the message. And truly when We give man a taste of mercy from Ourselves, he does exult thereat but when some ill happens to him on account of the deeds which his hands have sent forth, truly then is man ungrateful!

49To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills, He bestows children, male or female according to His will.6

46Wa ma kana lahum min auliya a yansurunahum min dunil lah wa ma yudlilil lahu fama lahu min sabil

47Istajibu lirabbikum min qabli ayatiya yaumul la marada lahu minal lah ma lakum mim malja iyauma izi wa ma lakum min nakir

48Fa inaradu fama arsalnaka alaihim hafizan inalaika illal balag wa inna iza adzaqnal insana minna rahmatan fariha biha wa in tusibum sayi atun bima qaddamat aidihim fa innalinsana kafur

49Lil lahi mulku samawati walardi yakluqu ma yasya u yahabu lima yasyau inatsa wa yahabu lima yasya uzukur

5. This is the doctrine of Fatalism, not Predestination as others may claim, in short Islam believes that God has made some people for hell and others for heaven, and their positions can never change.

6. In today’s scientific world, this statement may be entirely true in the sense that the sex of children are now developed in the laboratory than in the womb as nature prescribed.

50Or He bestows both males and females and He leaves barren whom He will: for He is full of knowledge and power.

51It is not fitting for a man that Allah should speak to him except by inspiration of from behind a veil or by the sending of a messenger to reveal with Allah’s permission what Allah wills: for He is most high, most wise.7

52And thus have We by Our command sent inspiration to you: you knew not before what was revelation and what was faith; but We have made the Qur’an a light wherewith We guide such of Our servants as We will; and verily, you do guide men to the straight way,8

50Au yuza wijuhum zukrana wa inasa wa yajalu ma yasya u aqima innahu alimun qadir

51Wa ma kana libasarin ayukal limahul lahu wahyan au mi warai hijabin au yursila rasulan fayuhiya bi iznihi ma yasya innahu aliyun hakim

52Wa kazalika auhaina ilaika ruham min amrina ma kunta tadri mal kitabu wa lal imanu wa lakin jaalnahu nuran nahdi bihi man nasau min ibadina wa innaka la tahdil ila sirati mustaqim

7. In Numbers 12:5-7, we read otherwise;

And the LORD came down in a pillar of cloud and stood at the entrance of the tent and called Aaron and Miriam, and they both came forward. And he said, "Hear my words: If there is a prophet among you, I the LORD make myself known to him in a vision; I speak with him in a dream. Not so with my servant Moses. He is faithful in all my house.

This quote from Numbers casts doubt on what Allah knows about how God Almighty operates. Not as man thinks, but as He deems fit. God can speak to anyone He chooses. Most Christians can testify to the still small voice of God Almighty which gives them direction and leadership in world of chaos and loud noises. Hebrews 1:1-2 has this to say about how God Almighty deals with humankind,

God, having spoken in former times in fragmentary and varied fashion to our forefathers by the prophets,

has in these last days spoken to us by a Son whom he appointed to be the heir of everything and through whom he also made the universe. God, having spoken in former times in fragmentary and varied fashion to our forefathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by a Son whom he appointed to be the heir of everything and through whom he also made the universe.

8. Confusing pronouns in a Book claimed to have been authored by only one Allah.

53The way of Allah to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on earth: Behold, all affairs tend towards Allah!

53Siratil lahil lazi lahu ma fi samawati wa ma filardi ala ilal lahi tasirul umur



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