Sura 62
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The Congregation (Al-Jumuah)

In the name of Allah, Gracious, Merciful.

1Whatever is in the heavens and on earth does declare the praises and glory of Allah, the sovereign, the holy one, the exalted in might, the wise.

2It is He who has sent among the unlettered an apostle from among themselves, to rehearse to them His signs to sanctify them and to instruct them in scripture and wisdom although they had been before in manifest error.1

3As well as others of them who have not already joined them: and He is exalted in might, wise.

4Such is the bounty of Allah which He bestows on whom He will: and Allah is the Lord of the highest bounty.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

1Yusab bihu lillahi ma fis samawati wa ma filardi malikil qud dusil azizil hakim

2Huwallazi baatsa fil ummiyyina rasulam minhum yatlu alaihim ayatihi wa yuzak kihim wa yual limuhumul kitaba wal hikmah wa inkanu min qablu lafi dalalim mubin

3Wa akharina minhum lamma yalhaqu bihim wa huwal azizul hakim

4Zalika fadul lahi yutihi ma yasya wal lahu zul fadhil azhim

1. The Arabs were not an unlettered people. On the contrary, they were among the literally advanced nations of the world. They had their own alphabets and means of writing and the preservation of materials. Though Muhammad is claimed to be unlettered, some of his followers were highly literate and therefore they could record all his revelations on parchments, animal skins, and tablets. Had they been unlettered, the Qur’an would not have been written.

5The similitude of those who were charged with the Mosaic law but who subsequently failed in those, is that of a donkey which carries huge tomes but understands them not. Evil is the similitude of people who falsify the signs of Allah: and Allah guides not people who do wrong.

6Say: “O you that stand on Judaism! if you think that you are friends to Allah to the exclusion of men then express your desire for death, if you are truthful!”

7But never will they express their desire for death because of what their hands have sent on before them! And Allah knows well those that do wrong!

5Matsalul lazina hum milut taurata summa ma lam yahmiluha kamatsalil himari yahmilu asfara bisa matsalul qaumil lazina kazabu biayatillah wallahu la yahdil qaumazalimin

6Qul ya ayyuhal lazina hadu in zaantum an nakum auliyau lillahi min dunin nasi fa taman nawul mauta inkuntum sadiqin

7Wa la yataman naunahu abadan bima qaddamat aidihim wallahu alimun bizalimin

8Say “The death from which you flee will truly overtake you: then will you be sent back to the knower of things secret and open: and He will tell you the things that you did!”

9O you who believe! when the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday, hasten earnestly to the remembrance of Allah, and leave off business: that is best for you if you but knew!

10And when the prayer is finished, then may you disperse through the land and seek of the bounty of Allah: and celebrate the praises of Allah often that you may prosper.

11But when they see some bargain or some amusement, they disperse headlong to it and leave you standing. Say: “The blessing from the presence of Allah is better than any amusement or bargain! And Allah is the best to provide for all needs.”

8Qul innal mautallazi tafiruna minhu fa innahu mulaqikum suma turad duna ila alimil gaibi was sahadati fayunab bi ukum bima kuntum tamalun

9Ya ayyuhal lazina amanu iza nudiya lis salati miyaumil jumuati fasau ila zikrillahi wa zarul baia zalikum hairul lakum inkuntum talamun

10Fa iza qudiyatish salatu fantasyiru filardi wabtaghu min fadlillahi wazkurullaha katsiral la al lakum tuflihun

11Wa iza ra au tijaratan au lahwanin faddu ilaiha wa tarakuka qaima qul ma indallahi kairum minal lahwi wa minat tijarah wallahu kairuf raziqin

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