Sura 69
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The Reality (Al-Hâqqah)

In the name of Allah, Gracious, Merciful.

1The sure reality!

2What is the sure reality?

3And what will make you realize what the sure reality is?

4The Thamud and the `Ad people branded as false the stunning calamity!

5But the Thamud, they were destroyed by a terrible storm of thunder and lightning!

6And the `Ad, they were destroyed by a furious wind exceedingly violent;

7He made it rage against them seven nights and eight days in succession: So that you could see the people lying prostrate in its path as if they had been roots of hollow palm trees tumbled down!

8Do you then see any of them left surviving?

9And Pharaoh and those before him and the cities overthrown committed habitual sin.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

1Al haqqah

2Mal haqqah

3Wa ma adraka mal haqqah

4Kazabat Samudu wa Adum bilqariah

5Fa amma Samudu fa uhiku bitagiyah

6Wa amma Adun fauhliku birihin sarsarin atiyah

7Sakaraha alaihim saba layaliwa samaniyata ayamin husuman fataral qauma fiha sara ka an nahum ajazu naklin kawiyah

8Fahal tara lahum min baqiyah

9Wa ja a Firaunu wa man qablahu wal mutafikatu bilhatiah


10And disobeyed the apostle of their Lord; so He punished them with an abundant penalty.

11When the water overflowed beyond its limits, carried you in the floating Ark.

12That We might make it a message unto you and that ears retain its memory should bear its lessons in remembrance.

13Then when one blast is sounded on the trumpet.

14And the earth is moved and its mountains and they are crushed to powder at one stroke.

15On that day shall the event come to pass.

16And the sky will be rent asunder for it will that day be flimsy.

17And the angels will be on its sides and eight will that day bear the throne of your Lord above them.

18That day you shall be brought to judgment: not an act of yours that you hide will be hidden.

10Faasau rasula rabihim fa ahazahum ahzatar rabiyah

11Inna lamma taghal mau hamal nakum fil jariyah

12Linajalaha lakum tazkirataw taiyaha uzunuw waiyah

13Fa iza nufika fisuri nafkatuw wahidah

14Wa humilatil ardu wal jibalu faduk kata daktawa wahidah

15Fayauma iziwaqiatil waqiah

16Wansaq qatis sama u fa hiya yauma iziw wahiyah

17Wa lmalaku ala arja iha wa yahmilu arsa rabbika fauqahum yauma izin samaniyah

18Yauma izin turaduna la takfa minkum kafiyah


19Then He that will be given his record in his right hand will say: “Ah here! read my record!

20“I did really understand that my account would reach me!”

21And he will be in a life of bliss.

22In a garden on high.

23The fruits whereof will hang in bunches low and near.

24“Eat and drink with full satisfaction; because of the good that you sent before you in the days that are gone!”

25And he that will be given his record in his left hand will say: “Ah! would that my record had not been given to me!

26“And that I had never realized how my account stood!

27“Ah! would that death had made an end of me!

28“Of no profit to me has been my wealth!

29“My power has perished from me!”

30“Seize him and bind him.

19Fa amma man utiya kitabahu biyaminihi fayaqulu ha umuqra u kitabiyah

20Inni zanantu anni mulaqin hisabiyah

21Fahuwa fi isyatir radiyah

22Fi janatin aliyah

23Quthufuha daniyah

24Kulu wasrabu hani am bima aslafatum fil ayamil haliyah

25Wa amma man utiya kitabahu bisimalihi fayaqulu ya laitani lam uta kitabiyah

26Wa lam adri ma hisabiyah

27Ya laitaha kanatil qadiyah

28Ma agna anni maliyah

29Halaka anni sultaniyah

30Kuzuhu fagulluh


31“And burn him in the blazing fire.

32“Further make him march in a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits!

33“This was he that would not believe in Allah most high.

34“And would not encourage the feeding of the indigent!

35“So no friend has he here this day.

36“Nor has he any food except the corruption from the washing of wounds

37“Which none do eat but those in sin.”

38So I do call to witness what you see.

39And what you see not;

40That this is verily the word of an honored apostle;

41It is not the word of a poet: little it is you believe!

42Nor is it the word of a soothsayer: little admonition it is you receive.

31Sumal jahima saluh

32Suma fisilsilatin zaruha sabuna ziraan faslukuh

33Innahu kana la yuminu billahilazim

34Wa la yahudu ala taamil miskin

35Falisa lahul yauma hahuna hamim

36Wa la taamun ila min gislin

37La yakuluhu ila katiun

38Fala uqsimu bima tubsirun

39Wa ma la tubsirun

40Innahu laqaula rasulin karim

41Wa ma huwa biqauli sair qalilam ma tuminun

42Wa la biqauli kahin qalilam ma tazak karun


43A message sent down from the Lord of the worlds.

44And if the apostle were to invent any sayings in Our name.

45We should certainly seize him by his right hand;

46And We should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart:

47Nor could any of you withhold him from Our wrath.

48But verily, this is a message for the Allah fearing.

49And We certainly know that there are among you those that reject.

50But truly, it is a cause of sorrow for the unbelievers.

51But verily, it is truth of assured certainty.

52So glorify the name of your Lord most high.

43Tanzilum mirabbil alamin

44Wa lau taqawala alaina badal aqawil

45La akazna minhu bil yamin

46Summa laqatana minhul watin

47Fama minkum min ahadin anhu hajizin

48Wa innahu latazkiratul lil mutaqin

49Wa inna lanalamu anna minkum mukazibin

50Wa innahu lahasratun alal kafirin

51Wa innahu lahaq qul yaqin

52Fasabbih bismi rabbikal azim


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