Sura 81
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Sura 81: Overthrowing (At-Takwîr)1.1

In the name of Allah, Gracious, Merciful.

1When the sun is folded up;

2And when the stars fall losing their luster;

3And when the mountains vanish;

4And when the she camels, ten months with young are left untended;

5And when the wild beasts are herded together;

6And when the oceans boil over with a swell;

7And when the souls are sorted out;

8When the female buried alive is questioned.

9For what crime she was killed;1

10And when the scrolls are laid open;

11And when the world on high is unveiled:

12And when the blazing fire is kindled to fierce heat;

13And when the garden is brought near.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

1Iza syamsu kuwirat

2Wa idzan nujumun kadarat

3Wa idzal jibalu suyirat

4Wa izal isyaru uthilat

5Wa izal wuhusyu husyirat

6Wa izal biharu sujirat

7Wa izan nufusu zuwujat

8Wa izal mau udatu suilat

9Bi ayyi zambin qutilat;

10Wa izash shuhufu nusyirat

11Wa izasa ukusyithat

12Wa izal jahimu suirat

13Wa izal janatu uzlifat

1. In pre-Islamic Arabia, girl daughters were killed at the birth while saving all boy children. Sin and the vanity of man’s heart has no limits with jurisdiction, it will affect mankind everywhere without hindrance. The Word of God gives us new birth and new minds.



[Commentary continues below.]

14Shall each soul know what it has put forward.

15So verily, I call to witness the planets that recede.

16Go straight or hide;

17And the night as it dissipates.

18And the dawn as it breathes away the darkness.

19Verily, this is the word of a most honorable messenger.

20Endued with power and rank before the Lord of the throne.

21With authority there faithful of his trust.

22And your companion is not one possessed;

23And without doubt he saw him in the clear horizon.2

24And neither does he withhold grudgingly a knowledge of the unseen.

25And is it the word of an evil spirit accursed.3

26Where then will you go?

27Verily, this is no less than a message to the worlds:

28To whoever among you wills to go straight.

14Alimat nafsum ma ahdharat

15Fala uqsimu bilkhunas

16Aljawaril kunas

17Wal laili iza asas

18Wa shubhi iza tanafas

19Innahu laqaulu rasulin karim

20Ziquwatin inda zil arsyi makin

21Muthain samma amin

22Wa mashahibukum bimajnun

23Wa laqad raahu bil ufuqil mubin

24Wa ma huwa alal qhaibi bidhanin

25Wa ma huwa biqauli syaithanir rajim

26Fa aina tazhahun

27In huwa illa zikrul lilalamin

28Liman sya a minkum ayastaqim

2. How close was Muhammad to the angel he saw? The confusion between the Holy Spirit and the angel Gabriel may have come as a result of how close Muhammad was when he saw the entity. One’s view on a clear day on the desert may go as far as up to 50 miles or more. In this case without a telescope objects may not be as clear to the viewer as he would think. Did Muhammad see the angel Gabriel, is the angel Gabriel the Holy Spirit, or Muhammad is the Holy Spirit as claimed for him Muslim scholars who equate the Comforter with Muhammad.

3. Now this is interesting. When I am approached by a person of another tribe (erroneously called race), and without provocation this person says to me “I am not racist (in other words tribalistic), that to me is a dead giveaway. First Allah says, Muhammad saw the angel in the horizon, which by the way almost killed him with suffocation (refer to Qur’an 73 and 74), he left the mountain and went home shivering feverishly with fear, which, to his observers were signs of demon possession, and Allah says he was not visited by an accursed spirit, when all signs point that way. His words are not truly representative of history before his time, quotations from the Bible are misses and a host of other things. I would say that he was misled alright. If it quarks like a duck, waddles like a duck, swims like a duck, “bless your heart”, it is a duck.

29But you shall not will, except as Allah wills, the Lord of the worlds.

29Wa ma tasya una illa ayasya allahu rabul alamin


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