Sura 82
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The Cleaving (Al-Infitār)

In the name of Allah, Gracious, Merciful.

1When the sky is cleft asunder;

2And when the stars are scattered;

3And when the oceans are suffered to burst forth;

4And when the graves are turned upside down;

5Shall each soul know what it has sent forward and kept back.

6O man! what has seduced you from your Lord, most beneficent?

7Him who created you. Fashioned you in due proportion and gave you a just bias;

8In whatever form He wills does He put you together.

9No! but you do reject right and judgment!

10ut verily, over you to protect you.

11Kind and honorable, writing down:

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

1Iza samau anfatharat

2Wa izal kawakibun tasarat

3Wa izal biharu fujirat

4Wa izal quburu busirat

5Alimat nafsum ma qadamat waakharat

6Ya ayyuha linsanu ma qharaka birabbika lkarim

7Allazi khalaqaka fasawaka la adalak

8Fi ayi shuratin ma syaa rakkabaka

9Kalla bal tukaz zibuna budin

10Wa inna alaikum lahafizhin

11Kiraman katibin


12They know all that you do.

13As for the righteous, they will be in bliss;

14And the wicked, they will be in the fire

15Which they will enter on the day of judgment.

16And they will not be able to keep away therefrom.

17And what will explain to you what the day of judgment is?

18Again what will explain to thee what the day of judgment is?

19The day when no soul shall have power to do anything for another: for the command that day will be with Allah.

12Yalamuna ma tafalun

13Innal abrara lafi naim

14Wa innal fujara lafi jahim

15Yashlaunaha yaumad din

16Wa ma humanha bigha ibin

17Wa ma adraka ma yaumu din

18Summa ma adraka ma yaumud din

19Yauma la tamliku nafsul linafsin syaia wal amru yauma izil lillah


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