Sura 84
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The Sundering (Al-Inshiqâq)

In the name of Allah, Gracious, Merciful.

1When the sky is rent asunder.

2And hearkens to its Lord and it must needs do so.

3And when the earth is flattened out.

4And casts forth what is within it, and becomes empty.

5And hearkens to its Lord and it must needs do so.

6O man! verily, you are ever toiling on towards the Lord, painfully toiling but you shall meet Him.

7Then he who is given his record in his right hand.

8Soon will his account be taken by an easy reckoning.

9And he will turn to his people rejoicing!

10And he who is given his record behind his back.

11Soon will he cry for perdition.

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

1Iza samau nshaqat

2Wa azinat lirabiha wa huqat

3Wa izal ardu mudat

4Wa alqat ma fiha wa takalat

5Wa azinat lirabiha wa buqat

6Ya ayuha linsanu anakadihun ila rabbika kadban famulaqih

7Fa amma man utiya katabahu biyaminihi

8Fasaufa yuhasabu hisabayasira

9Wa yanqalibu ila ahlihi masruran

10Wa amma man utiya kitabahu wara a zarih

11Fasaufa yadu suburan


12And he will enter a blazing fire.

13Truly, did he go about among his people rejoicing!

14Truly, did he think that he would not have to return!

15No, for his Lord was watchful of him!

16So I do call to witness the ruddy glow of sunset;

17The night and its homing;

18And the moon in her fullness;

19You shall surely travel from stage to stage.

20What then is the matter with them that they believe not?

21And when the Qur’an is read to them, they fall not prostrate.

22But on the contrary the unbelievers reject.

23And Allah has full knowledge of what they hide.

24So announce to them a grievous penalty.

25Except to those who believe and work righteous deeds: for them is a reward that will never fail.

12Wa yasla saira

13Inahu kana fi ahlihi masruran

14Innahu zana alayahur

15Bala inna rabbahu kana bihi basira

16Fala uqsimu bisyafaq

17Walaili wa ma wasaq

18Wal qamari izat tasaq

19Latakabuna tabaqan an tabaq

20Fama lahum la yuminun

21Wa iza quria alaihimul quranu la yasjudun

22Balil lazina kafaru yukazibun

23Wallahu alamu bima yuun

24Fabasyirhum biazabin alim

25Ilalazina amanu wa amilu salihati lahum ajrun gairu mamnun


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