Sura 89
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Dawn (Al-Fajr)

In the name of Allah, Gracious, Merciful.

1By the break of day.

2And by the ten nights;1

3By the even and odd;

4And by the night when it passes away.

5Is there in these an adjuration for those who understand?

6Do you not see how your Lord dealt with the people of `Ad.

7Of the Iram with lofty pillars.

8The like of which were not produced in the land?

9And with the people of Thamud who cut out rocks in the valley?

10And with Pharaoh, Lord of stakes?

11These transgressed beyond bounds in the lands.

12And heaped therein mischief.

13Therefore did your Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisement:

14For your Lord is on a watchtower.

15Now as for man when his Lord tries him, giving him honor and gifts, then says “My Lord has honored me.”

16But when He tries him restricting his subsistence for him then says “My Lord has humiliated me!”

17No, but you honor not the orphans!

18Nor do you encourage one another to feed the poor!

19And you devour inheritance all with greed.

20And you love wealth with inordinate love!

21No! when the earth is pounded to powder.

22And your Lord comes and His angels, rank upon rank.

23And hell that day is brought face to face, on that day will man remember but how will that remembrance profit him?

24He will say: “Ah! would that I had sent forth good deeds for my future life.”

25For that day His chastisement will be such as none can inflict.

26And His bonds will be such as none can bind.

27“O soul in complete rest and satisfaction!

28“Come back to your Lord well pleased, and well pleasing unto Him!

29“Enter then among my devotees!

30“Yea, enter my heaven!”

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

1Wal fajr

2Wa layalin asyr

3Was safi wal watr

4Wal laili iza yasr

5Hal fi zalika qasamul lizi hijr

6Alam tara kaifa faala rabuka biad

7Irama zatil imad

8Latil lam yuhlaq misluha fil bilad

9Wa samudal lazina jabus sakrabil wad

10Wa Firauna zilautad

11Alazina tagau fil bilad

12Fa aksaru fihal fasad

13Fasaba alaihim rabbuka sauta azab

14Inna rabbaka labil mirsad

15Fa amal insanu iza mabtalahu rabbuhu fa akramahu wa naamahu fayaqulu rabbi akraman

16Wa amma iza mabtalahu faqadara alaihi rizqahu fayaqulu rabbihi ahanan

17Kala bala tukrimunal yatim

18Wa la tahad duna ala taamil

19Wa takulunat turasa aklal ama

20Wa tuhibunal mala huban jama

21Kala iza dukatil ardu dakan daka

22Wa ja a rabbuka wal malaku safan safa

23Wa ji a yauma izin bijahan nama yauma iziy yatazak karul insanu wa anna lahuz zikra

24Yaqulu yalaitani qadamtu lihahati

25Fayauma izil la yua zibu azabahu ahad

26Wa la yusiqu wa saqahu ahad

27Ya ayatuhan nafsul mutmainah

28Irji ila rabbiki radiyatam mardiyah

29Fadkuli fi ibadi

30Wadkulil janati

1. In reading from the Hadith it seems to mean the first ten days during the pilgrimage to Mecca ( Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.742, 5.469).



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