Sura 102
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Competition (At-Tak‚thur)

In the name of Allah, Gracious, Merciful.

1The mutual rivalry for piling up diverts you.

2Until you visit the graves.

3But no, you soon shall know.

4Again, you soon shall know!

5No, were you to know with certainty of mind.

6You shall certainly see hell fire!

7Again ye shall see it with certainty of sight!

8Then shall ye be questioned that day about the joy (ye indulged in)!

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

1Alhakumu takatsur

2Hatta zurtumul maqabir

3Kalla saufa talamuna

4Summa kalla saufa talamuna

5Kallalau talamuna ilmal yaqini

6Latarawunna ljahima

7Summa latarawunaha aina lyaqini

8Summa latusaluna yauma idzin anin naiym


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