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So... what's this comic book all about?

Islam is the fastest growing religious movement in the United States and Europe. It is especially enticing to the young black children in the inner city areas of the United States, where the Nation of Islam is luring young black men and women into the 7th century pagan Arab religious cult that comprises Islam. How can concerned citizens combat the rise of Islam? Simply by telling the truth about Islam -- and we mean all the truth about Islam -- in a way that our young people can easily understand it.

In Mohammed's Believe It or Else!, author and illustrator Abdullah Aziz takes the actual teachings of Mohammed from the Qur'an and the Hadith (the "inspired" commentary on the Qur'an) and illustrates them in a comic book. Here are some examples of the startling teachings of Mohammed:

  • Jews were turned into monkeys for breaking the Sabbath (page 2).

  • The "seal of prophethood" for Mohammed was a mole on his back (page 5 and page 6).

  • Allah made a group of boys sleep for 309 years (page 7 and page 8).

  • A Muslim is not allowed to have a dog or cat (page 9 and page 10).

  • Satan sleeps in the nose overnight (page 10).

  • A Muslim may not play chess (page 11).

  • A non-Muslim has seven intestines (page 12).

  • If you pray with your eyes lifted to heaven, they will be snatched away (page 12).

  • Mohammed forgot parts of the Qur'an (page 13).

  • Mohammed taught that the sun sets into a muddy pond at night (page 13).

  • Mohammed had head lice (page 14).

  • Mohammed commanded his followers to drink camel urine (page 15).
  • Mohammed's food would shout praise to Allah as he ate (page 16).
  • Satan pees into the ears of those who sleep while praying (page 17).

  • Allah won't hear your prayers if you have bad breath (page 18).

  • Hell is populated mostly by women (page 18 and page 19).

  • There is no assurance of salvation in Islam (page 19).

  • Mohammed was terrified of solar eclipses (page 19).

  • Mohammed was a white man, not a black man (page 20 and page 21).

  • Mohammad married a 6-year-old and had sex with her when she was nine years old (page 21 and page 22).

  • Mohammed was a racist who referred to black people as "raisin heads" (page 22).

It is our hope that by exposing the truth of actual teachings of Mohammed, the Qur'an and the Hadith, our young people will not be lured away to embrace a false prophet, a false religion, and its teachings of hate and violence towards those who will not "accept Islam."

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