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We are having an effect, and some people aren't too happy with us.

Click here to order Laura's book.Comics dealing with Islam have come under fire lately. We're no exception, of course. When the Danish publisher Jyllands-Posten began to publish cartoons featuring depictions of Mohammed (see the WorldNetDaily article here), Muslims around the world responded as befitting true Muslims. Then other European papers picked up and published the cartoons and the result has been even more unprecedented rioting throughout the Islamic world.

Our own Islam Comic Book website has seen unprecedented response. We received more page views in one week than we received in one year, and response is still climbing as of the revision date of this page (02/19/12). We have also received over 14,000 death threats, including an automated Denial of Service attack, when we were on another server prior to moving to our current location. Sigh....

The response has forced us to charge a small download fee for the PDF files that we used to give away for free. We can't afford the bandwidth any more without direct financial support. And we figure those who use the PDF files should pay for them, as they are suitable for printing on a web-fed press, should one desire to do so, and we encourage that sort of thing, royalty-free of course.

Click here to order One Nation Under Allah.One very welcome result has been the publication of a new website which we recommend: Laura Mansfield's marvelous website at http://allahscartoons.com.  Who, you ask, is Laura Mansfield? She is a former U.S. State Department employee. She is fluent in Arabic. She translates Islamic Jihad publications from the World Wide Web and posts what they are saying from her main website, which is http://lauramansfield.com. And "Laura Mansfield" may or may not be her real name; we won't say. We count her as an ally in the war against Islam. Her books are absolutely fascinating, and we highly recommend that you purchase them. Start with Inshallah, her personal horror story on marriage to a Muslim.

Then read One Nation Under Allah, where Laura goes undercover into the mosques of America and tells you what is happening in these "Islamic centers". Her book is a comprehensive look at the changes that have been slowly forced onto American society to accommodate Islam.

It seems that our friends in the Netherlands may need a little more motivation to review the Islam comic book in Dutch. I'm happy to oblige. Read the two articles below. The first article is about a new translation of the Qur'an in Dutch. It's taken from a Reuters news report The second article is a true story about how the printed edition of this comic book has challenged an entire village in an Islamic country. The country and the individual involved wish to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.

I have received numerous email inquiries from the fine people of Holland about translating the Islam comic book into Dutch. Many people there are concerned about the Islamic invasion now underway in Europe, and they see threats to the Dutch society from Islam. And they are right! I am happy to say that the Dutch translation is complete and I expect to have it posted before the end of June. 

Until the Islam Comic Book has been translated into other languages, this AltaVista Babel Fish link will have to do!



One other fellow put together the base translation of the Kurdish translation in about a week. My associates posted it about half an hour after he emailed the files to me. We've "tweaked" it a few times since then, but the bottom line is that this man (who wishes to remain anonymous) worked diligently to get the job done.

Be sure to study Samuel Fosu-Mensah's Christian Commentary on the Qur'an for the eye-opening truth about what the Qur'an means for Western society.

Dr. Abdullah Aziz
Deep Underground in
Mecca, Saudi Arabia

New Dutch translation of Koran launched

Reuters Amsterdam, March 11|18:31 IST

A reformist Islamic movement launched a new Dutch translation of the Koran on Thursday amid efforts to boost integration of the country's growing Muslim community, despite suggestions few would actually use it.

The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, which was founded in British-ruled India in the late 19th century and is not recognised by orthodox Islam, handed a copy of the new translation to Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk.

"The language of the existing Dutch translation is old-fashioned. Furthermore, it doesn't have much explanation or background information," the movement said in a statement.

"With this new Dutch translation, users can interpret the text themselves, without having to be dependant on others."

The new translation by Jeroen Rietberg, in production for about a decade, is based on an English translation from 1951 by Islam scholar Muhammad Ali and includes his introduction and footnotes that put the Koran in historical context and draw parallels with the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah.

Verdonk, who is also working on plans to train more Dutch-speaking, moderate imams, said the new Dutch Koran should help root Muslims in Dutch society.

"If young people can read the Koran themselves, they can make up their own mind and make their own choices, girls as well as boys," Verdonk was quoted as saying by ANP news agency.

But Nasr Joemman, secretary of a group which represents about 400 mosques in the country, said he did not expect many Muslims to use the new translation.

"According to our theological interpretation, the Ahmadiyyas fall outside of Islam. There is no need for a translation initiated by the group," he told the Volkskrant newspaper.

The Koran is written in Arabic and Islamic scholars say it is best read in that language.

The Netherlands is home to 1 million Muslims or almost 6 percent of the population and is trying to improve their integration following the murder last year of a Dutch filmmaker critical of Islam by a suspected Muslim militant.

Extracted from

Comic Book Affects Muslim Village

A missionary to a village in a large Middle Eastern Muslim nation left over a dozen copies of Mohammed's Believe It or Else! with some radical young Muslims. He had been trying to reach these people for months, but was never able to convince them of the errors of Islam and its false prophet, Mohammed.

After leaving the copies of the comic book with them, he returned three months later. He found that the young people had visited their Imams, who verified the accuracy and truth of the citations from the Qur'an and the Hadiths, as presented in the references in the comic book.

These young men are no longer Muslims.

It's working, folks.

Click to download a PDF copy.Download your PDF copy of Mohammed's Believe It or Else! now... before it's too late! Click on the image at the right.

Between Christ and Mohammed by
Dr. Gleason Archer,
Dr. Robert Morey, and
Dr. William Welty. 

To order a printed copy, click here or on the cover image at the right.

If you have questions or comments about this web site, or if you wish to contact Abdullah Aziz, send email to them here: Contact Us. The Islam Comic Book is copyright 2012 Abdullah Aziz. Last modified: 02/19/12.