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he page framed in the window below shows The Arabic Bible On Line, where their sincere desire is for all Arabic speaking people on the Internet to be introduced to God's eternal plan for men's salvation through Jesus Christ the Messiah. The site hosts the Bible in Arabic. It is written in a format and a style that a Muslim can generally identify with. I have included a built-in link to the site in a Java window below. A connection to the Internet is required. If there is no window present, you are not connected to the Internet (i.e., you are viewing this page in some type of cache). You should connect to the Internet to view this page properly. When you are visiting pages in the window, use your browser's back button to navigate through the framed website.

If you would like to explore the differences between Christianity and Islam, you can review Between Christ and Mohammed on line in HTML format by clicking here.

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Between Christ and Mohammed by
Dr. Gleason Archer,
Dr. Robert Morey, and
Dr. William Welty. 

To order a printed copy, click here or on the cover image at the right.

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