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Here's what you need to know about the Islam Comic Book and our Terms of Use.

Visiting the Website

Look around all you want. Visit every page. Post messages to our forums. Buy our merchandise. Help us translate the Islam Comic Book into other languages. Read our essays. We welcome all of these things.

Reproducing Images

Don't steal our images or our PDF files. Please. When people come to your website to view our images or download our PDF files, they don't visit our Company Store, buy our products, our learn how to translate the comic book into another language. And that hurts our global mission to translate the Islam Comic Book into dozens of languages.

If you like our site, feel free to frame our home page on a separate page on your own website. Doing this will accomplish the same thing, and help us reach our goals.

Printing the Comic Book

At the bottom of every page in this website, there is a table of thumbnail images. You'll see it below. Do you see the thumbnail image of the comic book cover in the left-hand box in the first row? By clicking on the thumbnail image, you will be directed to our Company Store where you can download a copy of the Islam Comic Book in that particular language in a high-resolution PDF format either at no charge or for a modest fee.

The complete high-res PDF files are quite large -- usually over 30 megs, sometimes as much as 100 megs. Why are they so large? Because they are 2500 pixel image files suitable for printing on a web-fed press, if you know what that means.

If the translation of the Islam Comic Book into your target language is not yet complete, it will not be present on the downloads section of our Company Store.

Please be patient when you download the high-res PDF files of the Islam Comic Book. To open the file, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The PDF file is suitable for printing. You can do so, without paying any royalties, under the following terms.

  1. Send an email to islamcomicbook@davidsonpress.com and inform Dr. Aziz that you are requesting permission to publish printed copies of the Islam Comic Book. Be sure to tell him which language of the Islam Comic Book that you intend to publish.

  2. Place the following copyright notice on the back cover or on the inside front cover of the comic book in the target language of the comic book:

    Copyright 2005 Abdullah Aziz and/or his assigns. All rights reserved internationally. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the publisher. Contact the copyright holder at this email address: islamcomicbook@davidsonpress.com.

Note that our copyright and our copyright enforcement policies are not intended to restrict the distribution of printed copies of the Islam Comic Book; they are intended to protect its misuse. Violations of our copyright policies, including reproduction of printed copies of the Islam Comic Book which do not follow these Terms of Use will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of applicable laws worldwide.

Click to download a PDF copy.Download your PDF copy of Mohammed's Believe It or Else! now... before it's too late! Click on the image at the right.

Between Christ and Mohammed by
Dr. Gleason Archer,
Dr. Robert Morey, and
Dr. William Welty. 

To order a printed copy, click here or on the cover image at the right.

If you have questions or comments about this web site, or if you wish to contact Abdullah Aziz, send email to them here: Contact Us. The Islam Comic Book is copyright 2012 Abdullah Aziz. Last modified: 02/19/12.